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The Creation Diet

Joy Clary Brown is the author of The Creation Diet which was released in February of 2006. Through this book Joy shares how in the sequential order of Creation God reveals His plan for a balanced life¾spirit, soul, and body.

Joy conducts seminars and retreats based on the teachings of her book.  The following testimonies reveal how people have been helped and lives have been changed through these principles.

 “What a wonderful book that clearly shows God’s plan for healthy eating!  Thank you for sharing with us God’s creation story for healthy living.”

                     Angela Perry, Employee Health Nurse

                     Grand Strand Regional Medical Center

  My name is Kent and I am a 48 year old male who in the last 15 years was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy.  Since then, I have had one health problem after another¾from three heart attacks to having full-blown Diabetes, taking five shots of insulin a day.  Last summer I was told (after being rushed to the hospital and put on oxygen) that I was in my last days, and that I could die in a matter of days, weeks or months. 

 Of course, after hearing all of that, I gave up.  But, thank God, Joy Brown did not.  It was not just her praying, because I know she does that without ceasing, but she asked me to try The Creation Diet.  I argued with her that it would not make a difference, but she kept after me. Thank God I did try it… I am now feeling the best that I have felt in years.  I no longer have to take pills and insulin for the sugar. In fact, my sugar levels have so regulated that they are in the best control they have been for many years.

 The most exciting part is not just that my lungs have changed or that my muscles have regained strength, it is also the fact that through the way I am eating¾the fresh and steamed veggies, small amounts of fruit, less meat and the refined sugar gone¾and so much more, the diet has changed my life and God has truly glorified His Word through the scripture.  My wife and I thank Joy for allowing God to use her and work through her. My life is a true testimony of His glory and the gift of His diet.

                   Kent Hamilton, Speech Clinician

 My name is Debi and I am Kent’s wife. He and I owe so much to the Lord through His work in Joy Brown and The Creation Diet.  It has made a difference in our lives and I believe God and His direction through this diet actually saved Kent’s life. 

 My testimony is the fact that I have lost over a hundred pounds.  This has been the first eating plan in my life that did not feel like a diet, but a way of life… This new way of life eating has made the true taste of natural fruits and vegetables so good that the less I eat of processed sugars, the better I feel.

 Being a woman, it seemed that my emotions were always running high.  I experience the most benefit from The Creation Diet in that area. The closer I stay to the diet plan, the more even keeled I feel emotionally¾and the energy is always there.  I know God has blessed this work and I believe it can make a difference regardless of what your life is about. I thank Joy Brown, and I thank my heavenly Father!”

                   Debi Hamilton, Educator

 We have three children, 16, 14 and 11 years old.  Since we all have a tendency to be overweight, I was thrilled when asked to join The Creation Diet test group. The only obstacle at the time was how I would get my children to eat vegetables the way they should… We began to change our habits, and the first week it was difficult, but when they felt good and had more energy, they were more enthused about it.

 We went on vacation and ate out everyday. When we came home we got back into our old habits. About two weeks later, all three of my children came to me at different times throughout the week complaining about how they felt and asked to start eating the way we were on The Creation Diet.  They said that while eating according to that plan they felt better, had more energy, and were all losing weight without even trying.  God brings all things together!                                                                                                    

         Susan Moore, Manager, “Little Body Builders”

 I am flabbergasted that God’s plan of creation shows, by its order, what our bodies need… How many times have we read those Bible verses but missed so much of their importance?  Modern science now confirms the same order. That re-emphasized to me the relevance of God’s word to our present lives, and gives me a renewed appreciation of God’s awesome, majestic power, plan and control over the most detailed parts of our beings.

 “What a revelation to recognize how many instances of foreshadowing of Jesus are presented in the Old Testament! These revelations from the author are God-given, eye openers to us in directing our actions in making ourselves more physically healthful and spiritually (faith) strengthened.

 Verification from the Bible that this is the true way to handle nutrition is certainly the best motivation for putting this diet into practice.

       Gladys Long, Retired Real Estate Broker

 Joy Brown’s book, The Creation Diet, uncovered so many profound truths for me.  I was amazed to see how, from the very beginning, God had a plan even about the best way for us to eat. If you never knew that God created the universe with you in mind, you will after you read this book.

       Rita Gray Williams, Special Education Teacher

The Creation Diet is available on the websites of Xulon Press, Lifeway, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Borders, and Books-a-Million.  It can also be ordered directly from Joy by e-mailing: